Marie-Rose, 27

Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Seeking Tea
Marie-Rose, 27 of Montréal, Quebec,  dating

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3 months ago

Used to live as a roomate with this gal. We lived in a duplex in Montréal with 8 other people split in two appartments, we were all friends. She has a lot of temper issues and managed to lose one friend after the other because of her lash outs and constant agression. I was the only one she would come to and I tried to help and advise her. We would smoke together and be on good terms. She would flirt and try to make some moves on me even tho she knew I was in a relationship but I never did anything with her.

Everyone could clearly see she had no control over her anger bursts and was growing hostile for petty arguments with every roomates. During this time, my gf, friends and I would party all together in our duplex. Marie-Rose really liked my gf and tried kissing her multiple times. We talked to her and asked her to stop. Except she didnt and the next party she came straight to my gf and grabbed both her boobs in front of everyone. We told her to stop again, that it was sexual harrasment. She touched her once again against her conscent and it was the last time we saw her. We exchanged harsh words. She ended going back to Sherbrooke because of how bad her relationships were.

Fast forward to a year and half later I’m in another relationship which ended after 6 months. She never was present as a friend to neither my ex or me. The reason why I broke up with this ex is I found out she had lied about multiple rapes which involved a lot of my friends. She said to me she had been sexually assaulted by at least 10 persons in the last 4 years, majority of them being my friends from Montréal. When I discovered she lied after reading messages between her and her supposedly rapists, I left. I understood that it was common for her to simply victimise herself instead of assuming her actions. I was confused and pissed and I verbally insulted her. Thats when Marie-Rose comes in again. She and my ex were old friends and they came in contact again because Marie-Rose found a job close to where my ex used to live. Marie-Rose and her decided it would be a good idea to defame me on one of these groups. Marie-Rose wished me to burn alive, kill myself and die on one of my posts. I was accused of being a serial rapist, physically violent and all around abusive. Thanks god I have exes who I still have a good relationship with who immediatly told me. I instantly knew it was Marie-Rose idea. They put the post down after 2h when I told both of em I would prosecute them but I still got a lot of DM for it. Marie-Rose told me she would not stop. She is unhinged and dangerous. I am prosecuting her next time she tries something but I think people should at least be warned.


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