Emily, 31

Dallas, Texas, United States

Seeking Tea
Emily, 31 of Dallas, Texas,  dating

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6 months ago

I met Emily years ago through her brother we were both young she was a little pot smoker goth girl and I was returning from te army!
We hit it off we moved in together. She worked at Taco Bell while I was a bartender and server.
We shared a car and a small apartment. Typical relationship stuff (besides some drug use which we both got clean for) while she was in college I always stressed her education even doing her tests and homework for her.
Nine years go by I bought a wedding ring but soon discovered in 2019 she had an affair with a coworker at her job. She wanted to be with him but he turned her down. She actually had four affairs during this time with four different men behind my back.
I had sacrificed prolonging my army career for her and so I was invested so we attempted to get past the one affair (I knew about). This opened up more red flags I had previously over looked but during this time she had a full psychotic breakdown. She believed I wasn’t real or her parents. We had her hospitalized for a month and she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder with psychosis!
I was hurt by the lies and cheating but I was still there for her every phone call and visit. When she was released she had another affair then she claimed I was suicidal and had me committed for a day. I left town and started over even a new career! So next she fucked my best friend who later caught cancer and died while we weren’t talking. Emily also fucked my oldest brother, and old enemy and about five more friends of mine! She has had my car vandalized, tried to have me jumped and is completely unhinged. She comes off as sweet and innocent good girl she volunteers but fellas beware.
I don’t blame her 100% because her brother at the same age was diagnosed with a personality disorder as well before committing suicide. I still love the girl I met when we were young but now I realize that girl died long ago.
She is working on her masters in music now and I wish her the best! Just know fellas she is unable to be faithful, empathetic, honest, or genuine! She will play victim and gaslight too death then cry when caught! Do your research on bpd


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