Darlene, 33

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

Seeking Tea
Darlene, 33 of Colorado Springs, Colorado,  dating

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5 months ago

Emotionally Manipulative towards men. Buy them gifts, items, or other things then uses those purchases to guilt trip them. Also expects them to know when she wants something without communicating what those things are. Very toxic and guilt-tripping.

Is also against mental health and extremely disrespectful to those with any diagnosis.

She’s also part of “Are we Dating the Same Guy” group on Facebook. So be extra careful around her otherwise you’ll likely be trash talked behind your back that the group.

5 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

She’s also a massive love bomber. Showers you with love and then pulls away and guilt trips you when you can’t return the overwhelming amount of affection she gave you.
Very immature.


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