Shelby, 33

Centennial, Colorado, United States

🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ2S+
Seeking Tea
Shelby, 33 of Centennial, Colorado,  dating

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1 month ago

Shelby love bombs on you early-on then bails on you just before the first date. She’s a mental wreck, suffering from anxiety, depression, ADHD and some form of Split Personality Disorder. She’ll also do plenty of projecting on you accusing you of the very things she’s doing herself. She’ll call you “darling” early-on as well, making it sound like she’s invested in you when she’s not even sure what she wants in a relationship. If you show her any level of affection in return she’ll get fickle and pullback, blaming you for the reason why the relationship didn’t work out. She’ll feed you sap story after sap story of why you should be with her though, guilt tripping you into being interested in her.

She’s an ex-OnlyFans, Twitter Sex Model too, claiming to have had 60k Twitter followers. She’s got the attractive looks but mentally she’s a lost cause and a wreck. Don’t risk being used people. Shelby isn’t worth your time.


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