Caitlin, 36

Binghamton, New York, United States

Seeking Tea
Caitlin, 36 of Binghamton, New York,  dating

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6 months ago

Calls herself Cait online. A gold digger desperately seeking a sugar daddy after failing to find success as a night club singer/dancer/actress for 14 years. Mommy helped her get thru a 10 mth program at local college so she gets work as a “social worker” giving advice to college students. Puts her limited acting abilities to use to act like a shy sweet girl just looking for love when she’s really just another calculated man trap. Not shy at all. Don’t fall for the innocent act. Waits 3 days to go all the way but will let you get to 2nd base quick if you’re willing to buy what she’s selling. Amber Heard type. Use and lose.


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