Are We Dating The Same Guy Facebook Group Founder Paola Sanchez in Panic Mode as Major Cities Shut Down

AWDTSG are being shut down and their founder is freaking out about it.

In recent weeks, Are We Dating The Same Guy (AWDTSG) founder Paola Sanchez has found herself in a state of panic. Several of the largest AWDTSG groups, including Chicago, Boston, Raleigh, and Vancouver, were unexpectedly shut down by Facebook due to alleged “Community Standards violations.”

These shutdowns are believed to be the result of coordinated reporting attacks orchestrated by disgruntled individuals. Furthermore, other AWDTSG groups had their ability to post anonymously revoked as a consequence of these reports. This article delves into the challenges faced by AWDTSG and highlights the steps being taken to overcome these setbacks.

Rebuilding and Moving Forward

Despite the setbacks, Paola Sanchez remains determined to continue the mission of AWDTSG. In a commendable display of resilience, replacement groups were quickly established, amassing a combined membership of over 20,000 within days of the shutdown. To ensure efficient communication and community building, AWDTSG encourages members to sign up for email updates at Additionally, it is advised to join nearby groups within the AWDTSG network or the respective city’s “Vouched Dating” group as backups.

AWDTSG is Being Shut Down Don’t Rely on Facebook Groups to Stick Around We will not be shutting down and offer full anonymous postings

Rebuilding efforts are particularly important for former members of the Chicago, Boston, Raleigh, or Vancouver groups according to Sanchez.

By the way, we cannot stop laughing right now. AWDTSG is finally being shut down. Excluding the opposite sex is simply not fair.

AWDTSG urges them to join the new groups and actively invite as many previous members as possible, fostering a sense of continuity and familiarity within the reestablished communities.

AWDTSG Shut Down

Seeking Resilience and Solutions

In light of recent events, Paola Sanchez is determined to find new ways to shield AWDTSG from future shutdowns. Ongoing tests are being conducted to identify solutions that maintain the essence of the existing group structure while minimizing vulnerability to external attacks. Once a suitable approach has been devised, AWDTSG plans to make an announcement, preparing members for any necessary changes.

AWDTSG is Being Shut Down Don’t Rely on Facebook Groups to Stick Around We will not be shutting down and offer full anonymous postings

Financial Transparency

Recognizing the importance of financial transparency, Paola Sanchez has begun compiling a Financial Transparency Post to address potential questions from AWDTSG members. The current version can be accessed at The post provides detailed information about recent developments, including the use of a new “Buy Me a Coffee” account to receive donations. By separating group transactions from personal transactions, AWDTSG can offer a transparent breakdown of the funds received and distributed to moderators.

The Financial Transparency Post also includes updates on the GoFundMe campaign, showcasing the down payment made to the development team entrusted with creating the AWDTSG app. Emails from GoFundMe verifying the intended use of the funds further contribute to the transparency initiative. As progress is made and additional payments are made to the development team, the post will be continuously updated to ensure complete visibility.

Gratitude and Support

Paola Sanchez extends her heartfelt gratitude to all those who have taken the time to read this update. The continued support and dedication of AWDTSG members are crucial to overcoming these challenges and building a resilient community. To enhance reach and engagement, AWDTSG requests members to express their support through memes or by leaving comments to help boost visibility.


The recent shutdowns of several prominent AWDTSG groups have thrust founder Paola Sanchez into a state of panic. However, her determination to rebuild and find new solutions demonstrates her commitment to the AWDTSG community. By encouraging members to join replacement groups, sign up for email updates, and support financial transparency efforts, AWDTSG aims to overcome these setbacks and continue its mission of providing a platform for sharing experiences and fostering connections.

Together, the AWDTSG community can navigate these challenges and emerge stronger than ever before through what we offer at Are We Dating The Same.

AWDTSG is Being Shut Down Don’t Rely on Facebook Groups to Stick Around We will not be shutting down and offer full anonymous postings

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